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Frequently asked questions

People often have questions about the legal process and whether they need an attorney for specific issues that they are facing.  Below is guidance on some of those questions.
If you have additional questions about legal representation in family law, estate planning, and/or criminal law please call our office and schedule a consultation.
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    Do I need an attorney for my divorce, child custody, or child support case?
    This is a question that you will need to decide on your own. What you need to remember is that the court will hold you to the same standards as an attorney, and your future will be shaped by permanent orders that will be entered by the court.
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    Do I need an estate planning attorney to draft my will?
    There are many resources on the web offering to help people draft a will, but be very careful attempting to draft a will or other estate planning document without the help of an estate planning attorney. Estate planning is complicated, and your estate is likely not as "simple" as you think.
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    What if I cannot afford an attorney for my divorce, child custody, or child support case?
    You may be able to afford unbundled representation. Unbundled representation means that you are only paying for the legal services that you need without having that attorney representing you on all aspects of the case.
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    Why do I need an estate plan?
    Every person needs an estate plan to protect your assets and your family members when death or incapacity occurs. A quality estate plan takes into account death as well as incapacity so you, your children, and your loved ones will be protected.
  5. 5
    What is Incapacity Planning?
    Planning for incapacity is just as important as planning for death. Incapacity planning includes Financial Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced Directive for Medical/Surgical Treatment (Living Will), and Parental Delegation of Authority.
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    Should I have a Will or Revocable Trust?
    The answer to this question will depend on several variables including the size of your estate and the individual goals of the testator.
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    How much will legal services cost and how long will the process take?
    There are no simple answers to these questions. Each case is unique, and the cost and time involved will depend on the individual needs of the case. Please call us to have an attorney evaluate your individual case.
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    Are there resources on the web to help me with my case?
    The Colorado Courts' website contains a lot of useful information and self-help forms to help individuals navigate the court system. The self-help forms can be found at